Alastair McCallum

Archaeology at Penrith Anglican College: a school dig site in action

This presentation will demonstrate how the archaeological dig site at Penrith Anglican College was set up and how it is used; showing links with the Board of Studies Syllabi. It will also look at a follow up activity involving students presenting a museum display of the artefacts collected at the site. The dig site is in its early stages of development, but it is already meeting its aims of making archaeology exciting and fun for students in senior school. This paper will illustrate that in whatever form archaeology is presented to students it should always be hands-on and interesting.

Penrith Anglican College (NSW)
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Alastair was born and grew up in the Eastern Cape in the Republic of South Africa. These lands are filled with ancient finds of human remains and rock paintings and this certainly inspires one into the field of Archaeology. Having both parents as History teachers also stirred up a fascination of archaeology in a young mind. After starting university in South Africa, Alastair finished his teaching degree at Macquarie University in Sydney. Casual teaching at Barker College and a part time position at Abbotsleigh School for Girls started his teaching career. Since then almost nine years has been devoted to teaching in the low-fee-paying Anglican Schools Corporation where for the last three and a half years Alastair has headed up the History Faculty at Penrith Anglican College. Alastair loves hands-on History and instilling his passion for the subject into students of Years 7 to 12. The more one can make History exciting, practical and interesting the more the students will want to turn up to your class and get involved. A love for Ancient History and archaeology were cemented when Alastair met and married his love of his life Lauren who is also a passionate Ancient History teacher.