David Arnold

What are the mysteries of Lake Mungo? Introducing a new education resource for schools

Lake Mungo is one of Australia’s foremost archaeological sites and has been the source of some of Australia’s most famous ancient Australian human remains. There are many mysteries associated with Lake Mungo including:
• Who were the people who lived there tens of thousands of years ago?
• What was their life like?
• How did the environment affect how they lived and what impacts did they have on the environment?
• What evidence exists today that can help us understand and appreciate the complexities of this ancient society?

A study of Lake Mungo relates to an important aspect of the Year 7 component of the Australian Curriculum: History. In this presentation participants will be introduced to the recent film, print and digital resources that have been produced by the National Museum of Australia and Ryebuck Media relating to the mysteries of Lake Mungo. It is the latest case study in the educational awarding winning Australian History Mysteries series

National Museum of Australia (ACT)
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Dave is Manager of Education at the National Museum of Australia and oversees the development of both the popular school visits program and an extensive education outreach program. The museum is considered a leader in the provision of award winning curriculum resources to schools. Dave has written and co-written many school resources, some with an explicit archaeological focus including the Australian History Mystery series. The latter includes an investigation of an archaeological excavation at the Ross Female Factory at Ross in Tasmania and now the latest case study about the famous discoveries at Lake Mungo in southern NSW, the focus of his presentation.