Dr Aedeen Cremin

Archaeology? What’s the use?

Archaeology is ever-changing, responding to technical developments, to different modes of funding and most importantly to changing societal attitudes. This paper is based on informal but long-term observations of what university students who have recently left school know about and expect from archaeology. It will build on this information to discuss how the study of material culture can contribute to broader historical views.

Donald Horne Institute for Cultural Heritage, University of Canberra


Aedeen is an archaeologist, originally trained in Ireland but researching and teaching in Australia since the 1970s. At the University of Sydney she completed a PhD and went on to teach for over 20 years in both the History and Archaeology departments. Since then she has taught at the Australian National University and is currently teaching World History and Heritage Management at the University of Canberra. Aedeen has written, edited or co-authored several general textbooks on Archaeology and Celtic Studies. Since moving to Canberra her research focus has shifted from Europe to Southeast Asia.